Saturday, April 5, 2014

You Bet it's a Nonet!

A Nonet is a nine line poem that starts with nine syllables and ends with one syllable. The first line is nine syllables, the second line is eight syllables, etc. It can be about anything and rhyming is optional. This is my attempt at a Nonet. 

Music, my Love

Black eyes and wounds were the easy part.
The killer was my sold guitar.
You knew just how to hurt me.
My strings with me longer
Than your dirty ass.
Now I am free
With music.


  1. I've never heard of a nonet. Thanks for sharing yours. I'll have to give it try. I love the new look you have on this blog, too.

    1. Trying new poems is fun, and you are a great poet. Thanks for letting me know about the blog.

  2. Too cool. Nonet is a new form for me. I'm making a list of poetic forms I want to write in the coming year and I know I can count on you to bring some new forms my way.

    1. Well, I hope to help. I think it's fun trying these different forms. Even if my poem is not the best, it was fun trying it out.