Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Poetry Blitz!

I found an interesting site that lists many invented poems, so I decided to try one out. This is a Blitz Poem created by Robert Keim. It’s a poem of rapid flow and repetition. The first 48 lines are short, at least two words, and the lines run in pairs. Write the first two lines, and then the last word of second line becomes the first word of lines three and four. This pattern continues through line 48. The last two lines repeat the last word of line 48 and then line 47.

The title must be only three words with a preposition or conjunction. This conjunction must join the first word of the third line with the first word of the 47th line, which is the title of the poem. Okay, I wrote this quick today, so I hope the line patterns and numbers are fine.

Travel to Create

Live a little
Live to travel
Travel over time
Travel to create
Create the abstract
Create the concrete
Concrete pictures
Concrete ideas
Ideas that transform
Ideas that move
Move your heart
Move to a new style
Style makes you unique
Style stands out
Out of your mind
Out of old molds
Molds that redefine
Molds in different setting
Setting sun
Setting up the canvas
Canvas of our life
Canvas to imagine
Imagine the beauty
Imagine the sin
Sin is all around
Sin can hide away
Away from the noise
Away with the memories
Memories of love
Memories of truth
Truth gives honor
Truth knows no color
Color a new world
Color the old world
World snapped in two
World beauty never ends
Ends to a means
Ends to the artist
Artist arrives home
Artist travels Rome
Rome the coliseum
Rome around the land
Land triggers thoughts
Land inspires
Inspires the artist
Inspires to create
Create fantasy
Create dreams

Blitz and Travel,


  1. For some reason, I'm really fond of directions for poetry formats that make my head swim. I had to read it three times and then match the directions up with what you were writing below. I think there's a big pay off in trying new forms. Free verse is too easy ;)

  2. When I first read the directions, I didn't realize how complicated they were. I wrote half of it and forgot about the 3rd and 47th lines being the title.