Friday, April 18, 2014

Chew on Change!

Sorry I’ve been slacking. I’ve been working on my novel.

This first poem is an Ode, which is a poem praising a person, place of thing. 

Ode to Chewing Gum

Privacy lost many days a week
sitting, suffering with different folks,
makes daily life seem so bleak,
we tend to wonder if it’s a hoax.

What can we say about little space
that revokes such good behavior,
while someone tries to put on their face,
and others recite verse to their savior.

Stench that rises from when they speak
leaves plenty to the imagination,
stuck in a cloud that makes us weak,
wishing away from civilization.

Only way to survive poisonous bouquet
search hard for a pack of chewing gum,
before it’s too late and we portray
the insufferable complaints of a bum.

A fresh piece of gum, we sniff its packaging
offer it out of kindness and care,
hope they can’t see what’s happening
and chuck it up that you like to share.

The chewing gum is a survival tool
for anyone taking public transportation,
important to keep with you as a rule,
so you can go on with your respiration.

This is an unrhymed poem called Sedoka. It is made up of two three-line katauta with a count of 5/7/7.


Change of scenery,
inevitable in life,
risk near or far from safety.

Appetite to move
leave behind the daily rut,
make dreams a reality.

Gum and Change,

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  1. Haha! Love the sensory reaction your gum ode made me have. Plus that picture is worth a thousand words as well. I'll never forget when I took a putty knife and spend a couple of hours scraping gum from the bottom of all the desks in my old classroom. And people wonder why I don't like gum...