Saturday, April 6, 2013

I AM Smokin' Not!

I was a 26-year smoker, and today is 6 years of a smoke-free life. It’s amazing how time flies. I was coming home from my sister’s house and I had one cigarette left. I told myself not to stop for another pack—try going the rest of the day and night without one. Once I tackled that day/night, I tried the next and then the next.

It’s so wonderful not to have to rely on my cigarettes ... not to waste money ... not to have to stand 15 feet away from doorways ... not to cut dinner short at a restaurant because I want a smoke.

I wrote this free verse poem a year ago.

I am Smokin’ Not!

Tobacco surges
through your veins.
It’s time to Commit
let go of the reins.

Such truth be told
throughout  the world,
Blow away your smoke—
gray curled and twirled.

Nicotine plants
a cancer kiss.
Trade in this loss,
for a life to reminisce

Smoking and poetry,


  1. I never cut dinner short for a smoke but I do remember being able to smoke in restaurants.

    Congratulations on quitting. This is one of the hardest things for anyone to do.

    1. I cut dinner short more in regards to relaxing and maybe having another drink. I wanted to go somewhere where I could smoke. Thanks.

  2. I remember this one. :) So glad yet another year has gone by and you're smokin' not!!

  3. Good for you! Have you seen those new electronic cigarettes now out?

    1. I have seen those cigarettes. They sell them on the planes in Europe.