Friday, April 12, 2013

The Other

Ballad – this type of poem is a dramatic plot-driven song. Ballads started out as folk tradition in Europe, normally sung with instruments. The themes are usually serious about religion, love, politics, etc. The poem shows the reader what’s going on and leads up to a striking conclusion. The Ballad is composed of quatrain stanzas with the second and fourth lines rhyming or alternating lines.

 The Other


The wind had rattled the windowpane
as we stirred in the twisted covers,
where time ceased mortality’s reign—
enough for another pleasure.


Sunshine broke our train of thought.
Hesitant, we slipped on our jeans,
whispered the tenderness of love,
and through the day, replayed our scenes.


Attention gone, cravings intense,
fermenting into untamed want.
Carelessness caused another offense
to suppress our forbidden bliss.


Unfortunately, time betrayed
before our acts were carried out.
Our privacy was invaded
by the ones we had given vows.


Chaos rattled the bedroom walls,
shouts—fire—no one left there humane.
Our crime committed from passion,
left one gone, and the other insane.

Desire and Deception,


  1. I can only imagine how this would sound read aloud, but my guess it it would pack quite a punch. Thanks for much for sharing so many poems lately and getting my poetic juices flowing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting.

  2. I wonder what music would work with this? I picture a lute, an instrument for the ballads of yore.