Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Day We Met

This poem was written years ago—a reflection of when my niece was born. It’s a simple rhymed poem.

The Day We Met

So elusive, the day we met
Soft smelling skin, and wrinkled red.
Your beauty stunned with nothing said,
But knew I'd be in sister's debt.
Tiny body wiggles from fret,
Wrapped tight in clothes, on back, in bed.
Rocking close to crib, while I read
Feelings for you, will not forget.
Lives became special with this shift,
Of baby in her pure white gown,
Eyes big, my emotions woken.
I thanked the lord for such a gift,
Smiled down, gently kiss your crown,
Looked up, now sits a young woman.

Life and Growth,


  1. I really like the line "your beauty stunned with nothing said."

    1. I love that about poetry. Certain lines resonate more with each reader.

  2. Love this one, my poetic friend.