Friday, April 5, 2013

Skipping Stone Memories

I wrote this poem back in the day when I started my blog. It’s been posted on the sidebar ever since, but I’m sure not everyone has noticed it. This is a Palindrome – a poem that reads the same forward or backward.

Skipping Stone Memories

Stone Memories,
triggered song, restless thoughts,
or moment that appears familiar,
from times adored,
some truly abhorred,
but beauty
such ponderings
lives within
Within lives
ponderings such
beauty but
abhorred truly some,
adored times from
familiar appears that moment or
thoughts restless, song triggered
Memories Stone,


  1. Lovely! I had not heard of Palindrome as a poetic form before, so I guess it goes to show, a person learns something new every day!

  2. Whenever I hear the word palindrome I always think of the They Might Be Giants song "I Palindrome I."

    I love how your poem feels like a reflection in a pool of water.

    1. Jon, that's so funny because I saw that on YouTube recently when I looked up Palindrome.

      Thanks so much for your words. I appreciate it.